In the next 12 months I aim to launch 12 digital products built on NoCode platforms. Follow me through this journey — this is my experience from the first 30 days.

By beginning of February I joined the third cohort of launchMBA, a program whose goal is to perform 12 launches of digital products in 12 months. That seems to be challenging…and it really is! Though after one month I can say it is also fun and full of learning moments.

What I have been doing during this first month is focusing on getting familiar with the different no-code tools and platforms that would simplify the creation of an MVP to verify my hypotheses. So far I have discovered and played with different tools such as Bubble, Coda, Carrd and Zapier.

Discover how the Scaling Heatmap assessment can help you improve your organization

When launching a transformation initiative in a company, it is normally difficult to find a suitable approach that is flexible enough to fit for a wide range of situations.

Scrum@Scale, the scaling method created by Jeff Sutherland, introduces the Scaling Heatmap, a multi-dimensional analysis. It allows to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an organization, and to visualize the focus areas that require specific attention for the transformation effort to be successful.

Understand the context

The first step is to perform an exercise to understand more about the current circumstances of the organization. While focusing on the big picture, we try to become…

The Scrum Guide is the evolving document that determines the rules of the game of the Scrum framework, together with its pillars and values. Since its first publishing in 2010 as such, this body of knowledge has seen five updates. The last one was performed already three years ago, in November 2017.

This time, Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber, its authors, have surprised us with a major upgrade that will allow Scrum practitioners to face the next years of the new decade with a renewed and fresher framework. For the first time since 2010, the extension of the guide has…

Since October 2018 I work fully remotely as Scrum Master and Agile Coach. In this time, I have been working as servant leader of different sorts of teams: fully distributed teams, hybrid teams with some co-located team members, remote teams meeting only every two weeks to carry out Scrum events in person, or even multiple teams in a scaled approach working each of them from a different location. I have also facilitated more than 400 Scrum events, including remote Sprint Reviews with more than 50 invited participants.

In this article I would like to share my learnings with other Scrum…

Marc Rodriguez Sanz

Agile Coach and Practitioner | NoCode enthusiast | Growing healthy teams by putting people in the center of interactions | Working fully remote since 2018

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